About Me

I’m a graphic + web designer specializing in brand creation, ad campaigns, and print & digital design. I’ve been running Lone Tree Creative for 5 years, and have worked with businesses and organizations of all sizes over the past 10 years.

When a client approaches me with a project, I assess their design needs and create original concepts and solutions, handling everything including initial presentations and client communication, graphic and web design, headline and copy writing, coding, and marketing. I’ve worn every hat in a creative agency, and take great pride in producing consistently high-quality and impactful work for our clients.

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Selected Works

  • Logos

    Logos I've created for clients as part of comprehensive brand packages.

  • Websites

    A sampling of websites I've designed and developed for clients. I design and develop all sites custom from scratch for each client. 219 Lounge • Belwood 301 • HP Construction • Selkirk Pend Oreille Transit •Signature Aesthetics • Stylebar Beauty Bar • Summit Insurance • Timberline Helicopters

  • Japanese Projects

    Here is a collection of projects I've done for clients while working as a Senior Designer at a Japanese creative agency. I'm fluent in business-level Japanese and can design authentically for native Japanese markets.

  • 219 Lounge

    Through Lone Tree Creative, I've had the opportunity to work with the #1 small town dive bar in Idaho, the 219 Lounge. I developed a comprehensive brand for their renovation and renewal, including a fresh logo, website, and dozens of event posters and advertisements that consistently fill the bar! I also had the opportunity to design the 219 Pilsner brand and can, which now adorns shelves next to PBR in Inland Northwest supermarkets and liquor stores! Website: 219.bar

  • City of Sandpoint

    Lone Tree Creative was selected from an RFP to develop the new brand and identity for the City of Sandpoint, named Most Beautiful Small Town in America (Rand McNally)! I created a bold, beautiful logo which captures all the great aspects of the city. Additional collateral includes a full style guide, digital and print assets, clothing, vehicle applications, and more!

  • CHAFE150 Gran Fondo

    I've been creating the advertising, jerseys, apparel, swag, signage, website, and branding for the CHAFE150 bike ride for 5 years now, to great success. The ride has never had more riders or generated more donations for charity than it has with Lone Tree Creative on the rudder. I rebranded the ride from the ground up, and continue to develop some of the best design in the gran fondo/bike ride industry.

  • SPOT Bus

    After branding the City of Sandpoint, I was approached by the local transportation agency to rebrand the local free bus service. The busses service the greater Selkirk - Pend Oreille area and are a great way to get around town, loved by all the locals. In addition to a fresh new logo, brand guide, and bus vinyl wrap design, I designed and developed their slick new website, which features a live bus tracker and a brand new, beautiful, easy-to-read map and schedule which followed design cues from major metropolitan subway maps. Website: SPOTbus.org

  • Timberline Helicopters

    Timberline Helicopters approached Lone Tree Creative to develop a fresh new brand and web experience for their booming aerial services company. Currently emblazoned on an entire fleet of helicopters and adorning endless apparel and swag, the logos I created for TH and its subsidiaries are among the highest-praised in their sector. Website: Timberline Helicopters

  • Signature Aesthetics

    The idea of coming up with a brand and message for an aesthetician was a huge challenge I was excited to face; for too long, advertising for aesthetics has been blatantly telling women how they should look and feel. With the opportunity to change the narrative, I created the "You Decide" campaign as a way to "take back" the idea of marketing to people about their appearance from the current trend of fear and negativity, to a message of positivity and deciding for yourself what it means to be beautiful. Website: Signature Aesthetics

  • Stylebar

    Stylebar was the first blow dry bar in Idaho, and continues to be one of the best in the Pacific Northwest! I developed the logo, brand, website, and marketing for this blooming chain of high-end salons, inspired by the look and feel of haute couture and high fashion magazines. Website: StylebarBeautyBar.com

  • Summit Insurance

    Summit Insurance needed not just a great new logo and brand, but also a compelling tagline and ad campaign to set them apart from the other insurance agencies in town. I happily complied with the "We're with you every step of the way" and "How it feels to have great insurance" campaigns, which required a certain local flare you can only get by studying the region and understanding the messaging that works there. In addition, I created a beautiful, modern website for them that continues to be one of the best in town. Website: SummitIRG.com


  • Sharon Cramer – Author

    Sharon Cramer has something most authors don't: strong, beautiful graphic design for her personal brand, stunning custom website, and book covers, all of which I was thrilled to create for her. I even developed a label for a select run of wine to promote one of her new books! Website: SharonCramerBooks.com

  • Blue Ridge Chair Works

    When Blue Ridge Chair Works needed a new logo and catalog, I was there with Lone Tree Creative to deliver some of the best work to exist in the outdoor furniture industry! Capturing the colors and boldness of the Blue Ridge Mountains among which this business makes its home, we spun off the logo to develop the Blue Ridge Cap Lifter, a revolutionary new product which removes caps from bottles without bending them. Perfect for collectors, this item is also made from 100% upcycled scrap wood from the furniture. I developed packaging and marketing materials for the products to go on to become top sellers in outdoor stores all across Japan and the US.

  • Legacy Life Consulting

    I partnered with a PNW life and business coach to develop an impactful brand that connects with people who are looking to leave a legacy. The brand has 3 sub-categories for different types of seminars, and derives its inspiration from the first cave paintings to be created by humans: nothing more than a simple —the ultimate, purest, "I was here" legacy. I also created a modern website for the business, seen in its original form here: Website: Legacy Life Consulting

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